My wife hates sex

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Thank Goodness for places like this. Stress level, intimacy level, time, anything? Should you be divorced for that? And he began losing his erections even when using Viagra. Keep talking to your wife, keep sharing your love for her.

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Prayer is certainly the most powerful weapon in our arsenal, as LIBL says.

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My Wife Hates Sex

It would be unwise to suggest having an open marriage or an affair. The husband will almost certainly feel extremely frustrated and even highly offended by the restrictiveness of the boundaries and the lack of trust and the tortuously slow progress. Women will usually consider themselves objectified by this suggestion. Hi Aaron, thanks for sharing where you are in your marriage story. Do you think that this information may help women like me? My husband's desire for sex has disappeared - I do

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my wife hates sex
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my wife hates sex
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