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The girl voted the best is safe from expulsion and the girl voted the worst representative is at risk for expulsion. Next, Larissa argues with Shay and Mo'Nique comes out and stops it. They got into a fight over it in the kitchen. At elimination, Becky is safe from expulsion for voted best representative, and Brooke is called down to the carpet for being voted the worst representative. The girls chose Courtney to be the judge, and then made the teams. She gets into an argument with Cristal when she makes a comment that she never called anyone the B-Word. Saaphyri was the only contestant on Charm School without a nickname, due to her disqualification for fighting with another contestant H-Town before she received one on Flavor of Love 2.

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She also explains that people go to prison for those reasons. She gave the two girls a chance to explain themselves, and Jennifer began to talk about herself instead of why Cristal should go home, thus making it easier for Mo'Nique to expel Jennifer. The nine remaining women set out to sell their own perfumes on the streets of Hollywood. She ended up doing it, although complaining the entire way. Life as I Know It Leilene had an anxiety attack because she cannot cook and arrives to the kitchen late.

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