Amateur rocketry facts

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This usually refers to just the cylindrical body tube, but may also refer to the entire body of the rocket. This task is generally undertaken by a rocket club for periodic organized launches. If you missed the Draconidsthe first meteor shower of the month, don't despair: Limiting light pollution where you can—such as by avoiding city lights—will help. The CP is similar, it is where the resultant force of aerodynamic pressure acts, or the aerodynamic balance point. Most model rockets look similar because that basic shape is the most efficient.

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It is unusual for a writer to talk about things like this in a hobby topic, but the hobby of amateur rocketry has been subjected to an ongoing campaign of destructive propaganda since the s.

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The Attempted Destruction of Amateur Rocketry (Rocket Motor)

Imagine a cross-section of your rocket along the length; most of the body is a thin tube and at the aft end, the fins stick out. The leading and trailing edges are chisel-shapedsuch that greater lift is developed on one surface of the fin. Remember when we talked about the rocket having a tendency to rotate around the C. Below are some of the high points from the web. This rocket reached an altitude of 8.

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amateur rocketry facts
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amateur rocketry facts
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