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Get an Anatomy Consultation. Inexpert piercers frequently place the VCH too close to the edge of the hood. Too large a gem in a shallow VCH piercing. Clamping with forceps endangers your clitoris, and it could be intensely—and unnecessarily—painful. If your initial jewelry is still uncomfortable or irritating after the early accommodation period, its size or style will need to be changed by a professional as soon as possible. Most of the jewelry rests underneath the hood.

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Learn which piercing s you are built for?

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VCH Piercing

More than a few women have discovered that the stair-stepper or other gym equipment holds new interest for them after genital piercing! I wish every woman could experience this. If the swab is too wide, you can remove some of the fluff; the concern is depth, not width. There are two other considerations. A VCH piercing with yellow line showing where the tissue is pierced, and blue dotted line, showing where the jewelry rests under the hood. When performed properly, the sensation of the piercing itself is very brief, and afterward there is seldom lingering discomfort.

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girl touching her clitoral piercing
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girl touching her clitoral piercing
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